Conical Ribbon Blender


As the name suggests, conical screw mixer is a type of mixer designed with a conical container which consists of a continuous flight screw as these screw rotates around its own axis and revolves beside the walls of the cone. Without degrading anything at all, it performs the homogeneous mixing operation of the material of different densities and element shapes & sizes. The mixing is completed aeration in the product and with minimal heat formation preventing the degradation of fragile filaments and flakes. As it is compact less floor space is required. The unloading of the material is assisted by gravity and is finished without any hold-up owing to the conical shape.

By providing atomizing nozzles at the top of the mixer, addition of liquids can be done.
We are into manufacturing the conical screw mixer in a wide range to offer our customers across the globe. We are also the exporter/supplier of conical screw mixer. We use top quality of materials in the production that makes us a reliable conical screw mixer manufacturer in Ahmedabad.


  • High Mixing results and efficiency
  • Perfect Blending
  • Can be customized as per size & shape
  • Good ability
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