Double Cone Blender


The Double Cone Blender is mainly used in pharmaceutical industries for homogeneously mixing granules and dry powders. The double cone blender we offer is manufactured by stainless steel to offer the effective products to our clients. To guarantee appropriate mixing, two third amount of volume of the cone blender is filled. In manufacturing chemical and pharmaceutical products, the process of mixing can be challenging.

The applications of Double Cone Blender are pharmaceutical and chemical elements, Food, Cosmetic products, fertilizers, medicines, etc. A double cone blender is a type of mixer which can be used to manufacture a homogeneous solid mixture. Mostly manufacturers use stainless steel for manufacturing the double cone blender. We are the foremost double cone blender manufacturer in Ahmedabad.


  • Overload capacity
  • High efficiency mixing & granulation
  • Quality assured
  • Reliability

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