Nauta Mixer


The Nauta Mixer is particularly designed for mixing dry powders, segregates, and pastes. The Nauta Mixers has less intensity for mixing and they are considered as the pioneer in mixing industries. Especially, it is used for fragile products which require accurate results with gently mixing. Basically, the Nauta mixers are designed with vertical conical vessel to product surface, as it is used to handle delicate products. An arm rotates about the perimeter of the vessel and a screw is attached to the arm. This results into connective mixing and shear. The Nauta mixers have high efficiency as their mixing techniques are performed with accuracy without harming the product.

The Nauta Mixer is used in mixing of slurries, pastes and powders. For production of toothpaste, lotion, coating of solid fluids and such industries, the nauta mixers are used. We manufacture the nauta mixers precisely with a detailed design structure resulting them into reliable mixers. We are also engaged in supplying the nauta mixer in various places across India.


  • Highly Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compact Design
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